All about me

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Kerry and I am (a very young at heart) 42 years old. I've always had a passion for travel and seeing and experiencing new things but due to work and family life it was always difficult to go beyond the usual once yearly family holiday. In the last few years I had some big life changes. To sum it up; I got divorced and gave up my secure NHS job to go self-employed. A few months later I met a very lovely man and within 4 months we were living together! That was 9 years ago and he's still around :-) 5 years ago we decided to become foster carers (massive life change!!) that's definitely had it's ups and downs! Life is generally good now and I am very fortunate that JT (my man) doesn't mind me sloping off now and then for a trip with a friend or a solo venture. As long as I take him along every now and then too ;-)

I decided to start blogging because, as well as travelling myself, I also love reading about the travels of others and finding out about new places. The problem I sometimes find is that so many blog posts and articles are full of fab stories and inspiration but some of them leave me feeling like I'm not a 'proper traveller'. Let me explain; travel blogs, magazines and websites will often feature gorgeous exotic destinations as well as those more familiar ones. When reading these posts and articles, we're encouraged to visit the destination and shun the usual 'tourist' sights to go off the beaten track. And god forbid you have a packed itinerary in favour of "getting lost in the city"! Due to my lifestyle I don't have the luxury of spending a month exploring a city or place (coz kids and job and stuff). If only. Therefore my trips are generally 2 - 7 days long (that stretches to 2/3 weeks for long haul) and I will usually have an itinerary where pretty much every minute of the day is accounted for in order that I can pack as much in as possible in the time I have. After all, I never know if I'll get the chance to go back there. Who knows what's around the corner in this crazy ride we call life! Anyhoo, this blog has been created to tell you all about those trips you can take with your annual leave and long weekends which include all the typical tourist stuff (although I do often like to squeeze in some random stuff as well). I also want to share about all the planning that goes into a trip which can hopefully save you some time when it comes to planning your own trips. Whilst travelling, I do also enjoy looking slightly stylish (although I am most definitely NOT a fashionista!) and I also really enjoy eating and drinking wine. When travelling, I make a point of researching where we will eat and try to ensure I experience new foods, drinks and local dishes. Again, I don't consider myself any kind of food critic or wine expert, but I know what I like and I believe that you can really get to know a place through it's food and drink. I'm a firm believer in experiencing every place as if you'll never go back there! I'm open to suggestions with the blog so if there's anything you want to see just drop me a line via the contact me page. 

Thanks for reading!